Brad Krauskopf activates spaces that grow the collaborative capacity of individuals, businesses and cities. He is an entrepreneur, innovator and speaker.

As CEO of Third Spaces Group, Brad is committed to catalysing a national network of smart work hubs that changes the way Australia works. Since 2011, he has founded Hub Australia, CoActiv8 and Platform3 to help realise this goal.

Hub Australia, Australia’s largest coworking community works with small and large organisations across Australia to drive innovation through collaboration across sectors, disciplines and generations. As pioneers of coworking in Australia, Hub Melbourne, Hub Sydney and Hub Adelaide are all visited by hundreds of people every week for coworking, learning and creating.

CoActiv8 works with corporate and government clients across Australia to setup, manage and operate collaborative and flexible workspaces.

Platform3 provides shared marketing and technology services for work hubs and has developed an integrated member and operating platform – MESH Spaces.

Brad is a strong advocate for creating impact beyond profit and has committed all of his companies to achieve B Corporation certification by early 2015. Hub Australia was a founding B Corporation in Australia.

A career entrepreneur, Brad has previously led businesses in event management and technology, and has lived, studied and worked in Spain, the U.S. and Australia.

Brad was named Australia’s Small Business Ambassador for 2013 by the Council of Small Business in Australia.

With the freelancing economy growing at a game-changing rate, specialisation and niches giving way to hyper-specialisation and micro-niches, organisations, whether big or small, are collaborating in order to deliver even the most basic services. There is always more talent outside your org than in it – an organisations future success will be largely determined not just by its ability to connect the people and knowledge within its organisation but its ability to leverage the talent outside of your organisation. He believes strongly that Australia’s future lies in fostering a ‘collaboration boom’. On a global level, Australia is a small business, to ensure our economic prosperity beyond the mining boom we will need to become absolute ninjas in collaboration. There is awesome potential in combining our diverse knowledge capital, tourism/ agricultural/ resource assets and our proximity to Asia.

Technology is enabling small and large organisations to work in a very different way, for large organisations the imperative has moved beyond simply retaining and connecting the talent within their organisation and it’s future financial success is more and more dependant on it’s potential to leverage and mobilise the talent outside of the organisation. For freelancers and small companies the ability to connect the dots and mobilise a global small business has never been more possible or more important.

Brad is a dynamic and engaging professional speaker. He has spoken on a diverse range of subjects including the coworking movement, new ideas on shaping the future of work, and creating social capital and knowledge through collaboration. These topics appeal to a broad spectrum of the public, from corporate executives to freelancers and government to education.