In a digital world, place becomes more important not less.

Third Spaces is a company dedicated to creating workspaces for organisations seeking an optimum work environment for their employees. Within Third Spaces a range of companies from corporate to educational to governmental are assisted to enhance productivity, increase employee satisfaction and support innovation through collaboration.

In today’s world there is beginning to develop a huge disparity between the conventional structure of many organisations and the way in which people within these groups will work in the future. The digital age will become known as the collaborative age, as knowledge is shared and built on among organisations. Third Spaces aims to create workspaces that host that collaboration.

Third Spaces workspaces are OHS certified, ergonomic, dynamic, secure and convenient. They are places to connect, to play, interact and work. Third Spaces acknowledge the practical needs of your employees as human beings and create spaces that are most in tune with your company’s individual needs. Your employees will benefit from lessened commute times, enhanced opportunities to collaborate through all cross-sectors within your company structure and a more dynamic working environment. These changes will lead to increased productivity, greater long-term staff retention due to employee satisfaction and a substantive impact on innovation within your company. Third Spaces can provide you with a network of dynamic co-working spaces specially tailored to your corporation. Third Spaces is about spaces for people, it is about acknowledging the individual as an important and human part in meeting your organisation’s needs.

If you’re interested in a Third Spaces or would just like to know more why not visit us on our website.